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Beach Handball World Cup returns after 4 years without competition

by Claudio Bluck

Between June 21 and 26, the beaches of Heraklion, Greece will receive the return of the IHF Beach Handball Women’s and Men’s World Championship.

The tournament, which had its last version in Kazan 2018 due to the cancellation of Pescara 2020 by the arrival of the COVID-19, will feature the participation of 32 teams, 16 women and 16 men.

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador -in the male branch- are part of the 32 teams that will be present in the tenth edition of the tournament and thus arrive at Heraklion 2022:

In the case of the female branch, Brazil and Uruguay arrive in the 3° and 10° place of the world ranking, while Argentina seeks to rejoin the same, since its last world participation was in Budapest 2016.


Group A: Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Thailand
Group B: Denmark, Spain, Vietnam, United States
Group C: Argentina, Netherlands, Uruguay, Australia
Group D: Germany, Norway, Brazil, Hungary

On the men’s championship side, Brazil arrives as the current champion of the tournament, accumulating 5 world titles; Argentina and Uruguay (11° and 15°, respectively) will seek to improve their past participation; and Ecuador will participate for the first time in its history in its first IHF World Cup.


Group A: Argentina, Greece, United States, Puerto Rico
Group B: Croatia, Spain, Uruguay, Ecuador
Group C: Denmark, Norway, Iran, Egypt
Group D: Brazil, Portugal, Qatar, New Zealand

Tomorrow, the 7 South American teams will make their debut in the preliminary phase of the tournament, where they will have to stay at the top of their group to advance to the Main Round, stage before the qualifiers.

Check the fixture of the South Americans (Hora GMT-3):
(M) 03:00 Croatia vs. Uruguay
(M) 03:00 Spain vs. Ecuador
(M) 03:50 Brazil vs Qatar
(F) 04:40 Germany vs. Brazil
(F) 04:40 Argentina vs. Uruguay
(M) 05:30 Argentina vs. United States
(M) 09:00 Uruguay vs. Spain
(M) 09:50 New Zealand vs. Brazil
(M) 09:50 Ecuador vs. Croatia
(M) 11:30 Puerto Rico vs. Argentina
(F) 11:30 Brazil vs. Norway
(F) 11:30 Australia vs. Argentina
(F) 12:20 Uruguay vs. Netherlands

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