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Argentina and Brazil enter the Main Round of the World Cup in Greece

by Claudio Bluck

The second day of the IHF World Championship of Beach Handball Youth Men and Women was decisive to know the teams that will be part of the Main Round of the tournament, so the 16 participating teams -including Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay had to leave everything in the sands of Crete to continue dreaming of the podium.

With an immense grip, the men’s and women’s teams of Argentina and Brazil managed to qualify to the next stage, so they will have to play two commitments to advance to the elimination phase, while for the Uruguayan teams the effort was not enough.

In the case of the male branch, the albicelestes managed to beat Ukraine in a close match that reached the shoot-outs. There, the Argentines were superior and were left with the two points that placed them in the 2nd place of Group D, which allowed them to advance to the Main Round.

Brazil had to play two games: first against Croatia and then against Togo. The first match was not favorable for the Verdeamarelhos, so they went out with everything to win their last meeting of the Preliminary Round. There, they won by 2 sets to 0 against the African team and achieved the classification after finishing in the 3° place of Group B.

As for the Spanish team, today they had to get their first victory of the tournament to be able to continue advancing, but their rival was Germany, one of the best teams in the competition. Anyway, Uruguay left everything on the court, and although he did not get the win, he made a difficult match for the Europeans.

Then review the results of the day:

Preliminary Round

Brazil vs. Croatia 0-2 (12:20) (15:16)
Togo vs. France 0-2
Qatar vs. United States 2-0
Sweden vs. Iran 2-0
Germany vs. Uruguay 2-0 (27:18) (25:18)
Ukraine vs. Argentina 1-2 (8:17) (22:19) (5:8)

Spain vs. Greece 2-0
Jordan vs. Czech Republic 0-2
Brazil vs. Togo 2-0 (28:9) (20:10)

In the case of the women’s branch, Argentina made a remarkable campaign in the Preliminary Round of the World Cup. The “Kamikazes” took first place in Group C, after beating Germany in their last match of the phase. So, the albicelestes continue advancing undefeated -for now- in the World Cup.

For Brazil it was an intense day. The Cariocas had to play their three matches of the phase and get the necessary victories to advance in the tournament. In their debut against Spain they did not manage to be superior, but they were in their second and third games against India and Ukraine, respectively. With the 4 points obtained, the Brazilians stayed with the 2° place of Group B and advanced to the Main Round of the intercontinental event.

As for Uruguay, the selected could not beat Poland in their last game of the round, so they positioned themselves in the 4° place of group A. Anyway, charrúas must continue to compete for the definition of the World ranking and thus set a precedent in the Uruguayan beach handball.

Check the results of the day:

Preliminary Round

India vs. Ukraine 0-2
Spain vs. Brazil 2-0 (20:17) (18:4)
Poland vs. Uruguay 2-0 (19:16) (11:8)
Hungary vs. Thailand 2-0
Hong Kong vs. Puerto Rico 1-2
Netherlands vs. Greece 2-0
Brazil vs. India 2-0 (23:10) (31:17)
France vs. Romania 2-1
Argentina vs. Germany 2-1 (18:17) (13:15) (5:3)
Spain vs. India 2-0
Brazil vs. Ukraine 2-1 (16:20) (19:18) (8:4)

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