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COSCABAL representatives join in working together with the IHF

by Claudio Bluck

Six representatives of the Southern Confederation and the American Handball Center (COSCABAL) were called to participate in the various working committees of the International Handball Federation (IHF).

Commissions, Working Groups and Courts are the divisions in which the representatives will work. In this way, the list was as follows:


  • Commission on Organisation and Competences (COC)

Martin Chilaca (BOL)

  • Game Rules and Umpire Commission (PRC)

Theodore Adjemian (ARG)

  • Coaching and Methods Commission (CCM)

Eduardo Gallardo (ARG)

  • Medical Commission (MC)

Dr. Alejandro Orizola (CHI)

  • Development Commission (CD)

Mr Cecilia Hernandez (ESA)

  • Interim Athletes Commission (AC)

Marco Oneto (CHI)

Working Groups

  • IHF Women’s Handball Working Group

Alexandra Do Nascimento (BRA)

  • IHF Wheelchair Handball Working Group

Flavio Anderson Pedrosa de Melo (BRA)



  • IHF Court of Arbitration (Electoral Period 2021-2025)

Juan Pablo Montes (CHI)


This working instance allows for the first time the representatives of COSCABAL to be part of the talks of the IHF in favor of the functioning of the handball at a global level.


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