by Claudio Bluck

Those who will be in the Panam Junior Cali-Valle

The definition of the qualifiers for the I Pan American Junior Cali-Valle 2021 in which 8 teams will participate in each gender advances.

The 8 places are distributed as follows: 3 places for the North American and Caribbean Confederation, NACHC; 3 places of the Confederation of South and Central America, COSCABAL; 1 place that is defined in 2 games in a venue between 1 representative of each Confederation, we call Repechage, and the local team, which this time will be Colombia.

In the case of South and Central America, 3 representatives have already been defined for the I Pan American Junior Cali-Valle 2021.

For this, and as the National Federations and Confederations were informed, the COSCABAL Council decided to use the ranking of the last Junior competition in both female and male gender to determine their representatives. This is due to the impossibility of carrying out a qualifier against the general scenario of restrictions offered by our continent, where most of the borders are closed and there are great limitations to mobility and physical activities and competition as a consequence of the sanitary strategies to contain and control the advance of COVID-19. Let’s not forget that this was one of the reasons why the Games were postponed until November.

Female Classification

The Junior women’s branch had its last COSCABAL event in 2018 with Goiania headquarters in Brazil. The podium in this competition was as follows:

1°  Brasil 2° Chile 3°   Paraguay 4° Argentina 5° Uruguay

In this way, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay obtain a direct place to the I Pan American Junior Cali-Valle 2021 to represent South and Central America.

For its part, NACHC, which would carry out its classification in July, has nominated the 3 representatives who had agreed to participate in the qualifying event: Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Only 3 teams showed up for the qualifier so it was not done.


Women’s Repechage

Argentina, having obtained 4th place in Goiania, has the right to face the 4th NACHC team, which is not yet informed. The event would take place between August 25 and September 5 in the country of tango and gauchos, since Argentina will host this mini women’s repechage tournament, which will be decided in two games.

Adding the quota by location (Colombia) to the three quotas that correspond by right to each Confederation, the last quota that our continent can access, the eighth place in the general table, remains to be disputed.


Male Classification

Under the same classification criteria explained above, the last Junior Men’s Tournament was played in 2019 in Palmira, Colombia. The order of classification of the young people was:

1°   Argentina 2°    Brasil 3°    Chile 4°  Venezuela 5°   Colombia

Thus, Argentina, Brazil and Chile obtain a direct quota in the general table of the I Junior Pan American Games Cali-Valle 2021.

Men’s Repechage

The representative of COSCABAL is Venezuela for having achieved the 4th position in Palmira. The llaneros must travel to a country in North America and the Caribbean to play a two-game playoff with whoever finishes fourth in the next men’s junior qualifying tournament to be played in Mexico between July 1 and 3.

In this case it is the same as with the female category, to the 3 classified from the South and Center are added the 3 from NACHC plus Colombia for being the headquarters, leaving the eighth place to be defined.


The classifieds of North America and the Caribbean

The NACHC already has its 3 classifieds in the women’s branch and they are Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, who achieved their places directly, remaining to know which team will be the one that will come to face the powerful Argentina challenging it in their own home.

The men’s branch, for its part, will decide its 3 direct qualifiers this weekend when the local Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic meet this July 1, 2 and 3 from 3:00 p.m. local time. The 3 direct qualifiers will come out of this tournament and the team that will receive Venezuela in the playoff dispute, which has as its prize the eighth place in Cali-Valle 2021 and thus complete the men’s competition table.


Quotas for Santiago 2023

One of the most important news that we can officially and definitively confirm is that the I Pan American Junior Cali-Valle 2021 will grant a direct place to the Pan American Games Santiago 2023. With which the Junior team of the country that is the winner in both the the female and male branches will ensure a direct quota for their senior team in the next Pan American Games to be held in the capital of Chile in 2023, STGO 2023.


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