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Brasil avanza a paso firme en el Mundial de Grecia

by Claudio Bluck

Today was the first day of the <em>Main Round<strong>, </strong></em><strong>stage in which 12 teams face each other to advance to the quarter-finals</strong> of the IHF Beach Handball Men’s and Women’s World Championship Heraklion 2022.

After their great performance in the third day of the tournament, <strong> Brazil is positioned as one of the great candidates for the title, </strong>since both teams managed to win their first two matches of the <em>Main Round.</em>

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In the case of the men’s team<em>, </em><strong>, the Cariocas won 2-0 against Iran and Norway and took first place in Group II. </strong> On the side of the women’s team, <strong> the Brazilians took revenge of the 2022 South-Central final and defeated Argentina by 2 sets to 0</strong>. Later, they won 2-1 against the Dutch in a few heart-stopping shoot-outs.

Although tomorrow they must play their last match of the <em>Main Round, </em><strong>the two Brazilian teams have their positions in the table, so they have already qualified to the next phase of the tournament. </strong>

With regard to Argentina, the “Kamikazes” failed to secure a victory against Brazil or Germany, <strong>, so it is obliged to win tomorrow’s match against Norway which also seeks the triumph and qualification. </strong>

Like their teammates, the men’s team lost their two matches to Croatia and Spain and placed 6th in Group I, <strong>frustrated the dream of advancing in the tournament. </strong> Tomorrow, Argentina will face Uruguay in the last match of the phase.

Unlike their neighbors, the Celestes are one foot into the quarterfinals. </strong> The Charrúas have performed well throughout the tournament and are making history. Today, they beat the United States and Greece 2-1, taking away the winning streak, and tomorrow they hope to finalize their classification.

Unlike their compatriots, <strong>the women’s team is in the last place of their group and the goal of advancing is a little far. </strong> Without much chance of qualifying, Uruguay faces Brazil in the last match of the phase.

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Finally, today the squad of Ecuador -which is competing in the <em>Consolation Round</em>- made history. <strong>The team that participates for the first time in a Beach Handball World Cup got their first</strong> victories so far against New Zealand (2-0) and Egypt (2-1).

In the fourth day of the tournament, <strong>Ecuador will face Puerto Rico and could add a new triumph to the books. </strong>

<u>Fixture Friday 24 June:
</u>(M) 03:30 Puerto Rico vs. Ecuador
(M) 04:20 Norway vs. Brazil
(F) 10:20 Argentina vs. Norway
(F) 11:10 Uruguay vs. Brazil
(M) 13:40 Argentina vs. Uruguay

Check all the results of the day. <u>
Results Female Branch:</u>
Portugal vs Spain 0-2
Thailand vs Denmark 0-2
Netherlands vs Norway 2-0
<strong>Uruguay vs Germany 0-2 (12:22/14:24)
Argentina vs Brazil 0-2 (20:21/14:16)
</strong>Mexico vs Australia 2-0
Greece vs United States 2-0
Vietnam vs Hungary 0-2
<strong>Netherlands vs Brazil 1-2 (14:18/19:14/8:9)
Argentina vs Germany 0-2 (16:18/15:18)</strong>
Portugal vs Denmark 2-0
Thailand vs United States 2-1
<strong>Uruguay vs Norway 0-2 (18:24/20:21)</strong>
Australia vs Vietnam 1-2
Greece vs Spain 2-1
Hungary vs Mexico 2-0

<u>Male Branch Results:
</u><strong>Ecuador vs New Zealand 2-0 (19:14/25:24)</strong>
Denmark vs Portugal 2-1
<strong>Iran vs Brazil 0-2 (12:17/12:15)</strong>
Puerto Rico vs Egypt 0-2
Norway vs Qatar 2-0
Greece vs Spain 2-1
<strong>United States vs Uruguay 1-2 (21:20/22:24/6:10)</strong>
<strong>Argentina vs Croatia 0-2 (16:30/26:28)</strong>
New Zealand vs Puerto Rico 2-0
<strong>Egypt vs Ecuador 1-2</strong> <strong>(22:23/15:12/10:12)</strong>
Iran vs Portugal 2-1
<strong>Norway vs Brazil 0-2 (22:24/17:23)</strong>
United States vs Croatia 0-2
<strong>Argentina vs Spain 0-2 (22:26/18:20)</strong>
Denmark vs Qatar 1-2
<strong>Greece vs Uruguay 1-2 (18:22/26:22/8:9)</strong>

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