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Buenos Aires 2022: Day 2 – Summary

by Claudio Bluck

The second day of the South-Center Junior Women’s Buenos Aires 2022 was marked by the debut of Paraguay and the new triumph of Argentina.

Paraguay – Chile

On the second day of competition, Paraguay and Chile opened the day. The Paraguayans debuted in the qualifying tournament and stood firm on the pitch, giving signs of good level and taking the first few minutes that took the match.

For their part, Chile came from a defeat against the hosts on the first date and were not willing to give up points again, reason why they stepped on the accelerator to manage to double the rival goal and go to the break up 08-16.

Facing the last 30 minutes Paraguay went out to risk everything and seek parity or triumph, but they did not achieve their goal and fell by 21 – 28.

The next day is rest for Barrientos, while the Guarani will cross with Uruguay in the second game of Thursday.

Argentina – Uruguay

The second match of the day took place between Argentina and Uruguay, a classic of the Rio de la Plata.
Argentina went to the court to get a new triumph and Uruguay, already with Leonardo Puñales in the CeNARD -his main DT, who had been out for being a positive COVID-, went out to achieve his possible first two points.

At the beginning, the match remained even, but reaching the end of the first part Argentina was protagonist. In any case, Uruguay did not make it easy and went to rest with a 17-12 favorable to the hosts.

The last 30 minutes of play were totally from the locals, who deployed a difficult game to counteract by the charrúas, closing the score at 37-18.

Tomorrow has as protagonist the match between Argentina and Brazil, an encounter that promises complex situations and high-level plays. In addition, the girls from Paraguay and Uruguay will be in charge of closing the day.

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