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Recife 2022: Where to see the championship

by Claudio Bluck

Everything is ready for the start of the Handball South and Central American Championship Recife 2022, in which 7 countries will seek to keep the quotas for the World Cup to be held in Poland and Sweden next year.

It is for this reason that there is a lot of expectation to see the best players of the continent fighting for a place in the world championship.

Thanks to this interest, there will be several options to follow all the matches in Recife 2022.

The main means of transmission will be the official channel of the COSCABAL in Fanatiz where you can acquire a user account to follow the development of all the meetings of the championship.

In Argentina, handball fans will be able to witness the tournament through DeporTV, to see all the details of their selection and also of their rivals.

But as the handball is lived in different languages, through the channel of the Olympic Committee of Brazil will be able to follow the actions of this awaited championship in Portuguese.

And for Chile’s friends and friends, they will be able to follow the shortcuts and goals of their players through RedGol, who with a tremendous reach at the country level, will take you all the details of this qualifier.

Also follow all the details of Recife 2022 through the platforms of Handball SCA, on our website and on the official social networks.

Don’t miss any details of this Recife 2022 World Cup Qualifier!

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