by Claudio Bluck

There is nothing more exciting for a child than their loved ones accompany and encourage them in any of their activities, even more so if it is when they go to the court to play and compete. Nothing is more important for their trainers than knowing that children have the backing and emotional support when they face their first challenges through play. Nothing is more important for COSCABAL that through these games the seeds of love and respect for our sport begin to be sown, the future stars of American handball begin to be built, whom we will follow throughout the world in any competition where with your presence America will be present. And everything always starts in the same place: School, with friends, with a game that leads them to begin to travel through life. And this is well known by the COSCABAL Technical and Development Commission, giving special importance to school handball through its School Technical Nexuses Program and presenting us with the work of Uruguay.



During 2020, together with the National Secretariat of Sports and the Uruguayan Federation of Handball, the project “Vamos Equipo” for the development of sports in schools throughout the country for children from 8 to 11 years was created.

Among the sports of this project the Handball is a pillar, which began with a pilot of 4 zones and today it already has 8 and 8 more will be added in 2022 throughout the country, which makes our sport become can develop at the school level throughout the national territory.


Invaluable support from our Secretary of Sports to carry out this project that, without a doubt, from the beginning until now we have seen growing in each place in which we participate.

The coordination and selection of Physical Education Teachers is in charge of our Federation, which allows us to keep them updated, and many of them have already participated in the different courses that our COSCABAL has developed during this time.


As our slogan, without a doubt “LET’S TEAM” is more than a word, it is our conception about school handball, especially at an early age to awaken the love and passion that we all feel for our handball.



Texto y Fotos: Prensa FUH

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