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Geraldão, the renovated gym that will receive Recife 2022

by Claudio Bluck

There is less and less time for the second edition of the Recife 2022 South and Central American Handball Tournament, which faces the best teams on the continent. The tournament, which will take place between January 25 and 29 next year, will take place in the renovated Geraldão Magalhães sports gym.

This renowned center for sporting and artistic events in Brazil, was founded in 1970 and today, it was restructured, recovered and readjusted to meet the different needs of the country, in terms of sport and culture.

The remodeling of the popular stadium consists of an increase in the number of public capacity, for more than 9 thousand people; new 100% air-conditioned space; universal accessibility and construction of green areas; Although due to the pandemic, it will host just over 7000 attendees during the championship games.

The gym has high standards that will allow a high-level transmission, in addition to the maximum comforts for the public that will experience the Qualifier for the next Senior World Cup in Poland and Sweden 2021, which will have the 4 teams from America that achieve their quota in Recife 2022.

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