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Nicaragua wins the HANDBALL SC AMERICA CENTRO !!!

by Claudio Bluck

With a 7-1 run in the last 10 minutes, Nicaragua became strong at the Coliseo Carlos “the famous” Hernández in the opening of the Handball SC América Centro championship, which also marks a continental milestone in national team championships, because since January 2020 there was no activity.

With a final score of 19-29 ended this match that surprised the locals in the result, who tried their best, but never achieved the forcefulness necessary to threaten the task of the Nicaraguan team, who with a strong defense and a capacity adaptation to solve the problems that the locals could have presented, they knew how to carry out the task.

The second day of competition we saw a more balanced duel, that had a lot of emotion, since the winners of the first day, although they started with a 3-0 run against the representative of Costa Rica, their technician quickly called to order responding in the same way. But Nicaragua had come with the desire to win and did not stop showing it by taking control of the game at times, something that Costa Rica was not willing to deliver so easily. Thus, the representative “Tico” went to rest with a goal advantage.

Already in the restart, Costa Rica maintained control of the game with a remarkable performance by its goalkeeper Esmeralda Umaña, managing to reach 15 minutes of the final phase with a 19-16 advantage. But those led by Ricardo Taleno had a memorable reaction, going out to individual defense annoying the Costa Rican team, achieving a 7-1 run, aiming 23-20 in the 55th minute. Nicaragua did not allow those led by Inmanuel Cruz to deduct and command the score again, ending with the victory of Nicaragua by 25-23 and thus being crowned champions of the tournament in advance and ensuring their classification to the great continental event in October , the HANDBALL SC AMERICA FEMENINO PARAGUAY 2021, leaving only the second and third place to be defined.

The third day of competition faced the local El Salvador and Costa Rica looking to stay with the second position. A frantic but balanced first half, with the locals trying to maintain control and serenity to build their attacks allowed them to reach the break with Costa Rica just 4 goals away with a 6-10 score in favor of the visit. But the second stage marked a different attitude from the Costa Ricans in front of a Salvadoran squad that showed the nerves of the need to overcome before their fans, who continued to support them throughout the tournament, reaching the last 10 minutes with a 14-23 that seemed to define everything. But in a reaction of great love for their shirt they achieved a 6-0 run and cut the difference to 3 goals with only 4 minutes remaining, leaving 20-23 down and with time to seek a change in the result. But the Costa Ricans were not willing to let the victory slip away and with a 2-1 run in the last part of the game they managed to win 25-21.

Final Classification

In this way, the final classification table was as follows:

1° NICARAGUA                  2° COSTA RICA                               3° EL SALVADOR


1.- María José Polanco, CRC, with 17 goals from 24 shots.

2.- Juvelkis Gutiérrez, NIC, with 17 goals from 26 shots.


1.- Isis Rivas, ESA, with  44.59% efficiency

2.- Anielka Zelaya, NIC, with 44.00% efficiency


Nicaragua enfrento el segundo día de la competencia a Costa Rica                                        Nicaragua faced Costa Rica on the second day of competition (Photo: Fed ESA)


MATCH REPORT and tournament scorers:



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