by Claudio Bluck

The most important club-level event in America begins: Handball SC América Men’s Clubs Taubaté 2021, qualifying for the IHF Super Globe 2021, to be held in Jeddah, KSA.

The IHF Super Globe is a tournament that brings together the most important clubs in the world and that this year is held under very special conditions, marked by the health situation that afflicts the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At a global level, decisions have been made that mark the development of our beloved sport, which although it has suffered upheavals, has not stopped.

Proof of this is the almost normal performance of the European leagues, where the professionalism of the majority of the participants allows to solve the high costs involved in sustaining a preventive bubble, and which involves solving from a high volume of preventive tests to the logistics of mobilization, lodging and food for those involved.


This year the IHF Super Globe will play with 10 teams. There will be a preliminary qualifying round that will be played by representatives of NACHC, Oceania, the second representative of the host country and the team favored with the Wild Card issued by the IHF.

Thus, the pairs will be SYDNEY UNI for Oceania that will face MAGDEBURG, champion of the EHF European League and that reappears after its last presence in this event in 2002. The other key will be animated by ALWEHDA, second representative of the host country, against the NACHC representative (North America and Caribbean).

The representative of our continent who will be crowned in Taubaté this week enters the competition phase directly, where ALNOUR, the other representative of the host, awaits him. Thus, this second phase of competition will be as follows:

QF1-AL DUHAIL (QAT) Asian champion will face the winner of the first qualifying bracket between SIDNEY UNI v / s MAGDEBURG.

QF2-AALBORG (DEN) runner-up in the European Champions League v / s the winner of the second qualifying bracket, between AL WAHDA (KSU) v / s the representative of NACHC.

QF3-ALNOUR (KSU) v / s the representative of COSCABAL

QF4-BARCELONA (SPA) current European monarch v / s the representative of Africa.

Those who manage to win their respective games will continue to advance in search of the world crown and the prizes awarded by this competition: US $ 400,000 to the team that is crowned champion, US $ 200,000 to the second and US $ 150,000 to third place.

The impacts of COVID-19 on the organization of Taubaté 2021

The travel restrictions in our continent, with quotas of passengers authorized to enter our countries, puts an important economic barrier to the availability of air connections, as well as the times that must be considered as extras of stay and food because, for these restrictions, it is not possible to arrive or leave on the dates that the organizers have established for it, considering the limited budgets available.

And this has been suffered firsthand by the Taubaté Club Championship, the only one on the COSCABAL 2021 calendar that had no changes to its original schedule. For this reason, an event planned for 8 teams, now only receives 4: Taubaté the local, Pinheiros his historical rival from São Paulo, Olimpia from Paraguay and Nacional from Sao Jose, who received a Wild Card from COSCABAL to participate in the event.

Qualifiers from other continents

And this may seem strange, in this strange year, when looking at the situation in the rest of the world except Europe, we appreciate that it is not so different. In Africa, the qualifying match between Zamaek (Egypt) and Al Haly (Egypt) will be played on September 10. North America and the Caribbean will decide its representative between Cal Heat Sn Francisco (USA), New York City THC (USA) and Nuevo León Monterrey (Mexico) this week. And in our America, despite all the attempts made, only 1 club that is not from the of the host country will be present, and that give more value to the decision of the leaders of the Olimpia Club of Paraguay, which was also the first to respond. to the call for participation.

The clubs of America

Chile was the first to report that it would have no representatives. The high cost of air tickets, added to the obligation to carry out a preventive quarantine upon return at the cost of each passenger, almost immediately discouraged the participation of Chilean clubs. In the case of Uruguay and Argentina, despite the meetings held where all the information available that would allow their presence was delivered, they ended up declining their participation. It is important to note that the Argentine representatives tried until the last minute to be present, even coordinating meetings with part of the teams players that was participating in the Olympics with their national team in Tokyo, but again the associated costs that are paid by the players themselves in a sport that is absolutely amateur in our countries, added to the same inconveniences pointed out by Chilean clubs of the need to carry out preventive quarantines on their return in hotels at the cost of each traveler, made them definitively withdraw from their participation.

The logistics of the tournament

Once the participants were defined, the organizer had to develop the logistics part, that of a tournament where a complete hotel for 8 teams is exclusively opened, now he must face the same costs with half of the participants, since the establishment was closed and will open only for the tournament.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 Preventive Protocols established by the COSCABAL Medical Commission, in accordance with those established by the IHF, determine the mandatory performance of PCR / Antigen tests that are added to the normal costs of a tournament, in addition to a series of obligations, such as the exclusivity of the transports that at no time can be shared, considerably increasing the financial burden for Taubaté, the organizer, which deserves special recognition, since despite all the inconveniences it has managed to move forward together with the Confederation of South and Central America the event.

The experience gained in the SC América Female Handball tournament in El Salvador allowed to put to the practical test and adjust details of the COVID-19 Preventive Protocol that allowed it to be perfected, highlighting the development of an infectious-free event where the only reported one incident and was a false positive when the output PCR test was carried out, which was quickly isolated and separated from its delegation, traceability made while waiting for the counter sample, demonstrating the efficiency of the controls, justifying the strictness of the procedures, the relevance of the measures adopted and the efficiency of the Medical Compliance Officers established as the highest authorities of the tournament in health matters, giving sufficient guarantees that all control measures are present, leaving only the uncertainty of circumstantial events that could threaten biosanitary safety.

The SC America Taubaté Handball Championship 2021

The most important thing is that we begin to count the hours so that the biggest continental club handball party begins, where the two eternal representatives of the Brazilian competition of recent years will be present and we will be able to witness a new version of a Taubaté-Pinheiros, which encourage epic duels in continental competition.

But there are always those who want to dethrone the greatest, and here appears Nacional, a club from the interior of Brazil that seeks to threaten the traditional animators of the Brazilian handball finals. And the paraguayan champion Olimpia is not far behind in this quest to write his own history among the greats of America.

There are hours left so that through COSCABAL networks we can enjoy this first competition without an audience, since we will enjoy a first-rate transmission available to everyone. Mark your agendas from August 24 to 27 for a new HANDBALL SC AMERICA streaming experience.

On August 24, from 15:30 (Santiago), Pinheiros v / s Olimpia will face each other and at 18:30(Santiago), Taubaté v / s Nacional.

On August 25 from 15:30 (Santiago) we will have the match between Olimpia / s Taubaté and from 18:30 (Santiago) Nacional v / s Pinheiros.

On August 26 from 15:30 (Santiago) Nacional v / s Olimpia and at the closing of the tournament from 18:30 (Santiago) Taubaté v / s Pinheiros.


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