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by Claudio Bluck

Once again, the suspension of a championship that was beginning to take its first steps must be announced. Again, the reason is linked to the health situation that occurs at the continental level and that has not allowed directly related due to events to COVID-19 such as the closing of borders or bans on movement or carrying out activities, or indirectly due to the reallocation of budgets in all the governments of the continent to focus available resources on the adoption of measures that allow them to offer their nationals protection elements and measures, even of a social nature.

Let us remember that handball, balonmano, handebol or whatever we call it, in our continent is an amateur sport that does not generate its own resources that allow it to directly finance a tournament or national leagues independently and always requires governments funds, which are not found today available in practically none of our countries for the realization of these events. And this double reason already mentioned marks us on fire when deciding to carry out a championship.

With this logic, the openings in Central America were a promise of progress and was the reason why Nicaragua’s application to host the senior women’s qualifier appeared as an oasis in a desert of competitions that is extended from Maringá in January 2020. But the desire to play must also be combined and submitted today to the assurance that each and every one of the participants and those interested in these competitions have guaranteed the greatest possible safeguards and an agile response, on time and with the necessary means in case of any health event occurs.

Although this is a point that is always present in all competitions, in this situation of a global pandemic caused by COVID-19, it requires a much more profound and strict interpretation and qualification and is the reason why the Medical Commission of COSCABAL held a series of previous meetings with the parties involved in the event to establish that these certainties and sanitary guarantees exist for the success of the event and the safety of its participants and stakeholders.

And the conclusion is that at the moment this tournament cannot be held in Nicaragua, so COSCABAL, taking into account his recommendation, has decided to SUSPEND it.

Here you can review the full text of the resolution:

C1- 06-21_NIC

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