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Online Seminar for Referees

by Claudio Bluck



Monday April 27 to Friday May 1


  Through interesting lectures related to the Role of Referees and Technical Delegates, prominent experts, players and referees from Coscabal and PRC of other countries, will allow us to learn more about the role of this important figure in the development of competitions. To all countries via Zoom The Online Seminar will be broadcast on the Zoom platform. Queries can be made to the email carbitraje@handballsca.tv. To register, enter the data in the form below. Later, after registration, you will receive the access data to the Zoom session the day before each talk. Those who do not achieve a place in the conference room will be able to witness each of the exhibitions through the live broadcast on the COSCABAL YouTube channel https://bit.ly/2wZUEzi Program


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Registry Registration Closed. You can see the videos of the event on our YouTube channel  

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