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by Claudio Bluck

Starting on October 20, the IHF will offer an interesting series of seminars oriented to Sports Medicine. It is especially aimed at the medical bodies of the teams that will participate in the next World Cup in Egypt in January 2021 and at all people interested in these matters, especially doctors, physiotherapists and handball enthusiasts.

The objective of these IHF Sports Medicine Seminars is to deliver topics to Member Federations to reinforce the promotion of the health, safety and performance of our players and to help them stay active to minimize health and injury risks.

These webinars will begin on October 20 and end in mid-December 2020, with a periodicity of one session per week, all of them conducted live by international experts in sports medicine.

The sessions are scheduled for 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. CET (Basel time) with the exception of the initial session next Tuesday, October 20, which will start at 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. CEST (Basel time) and which will be attended by Dr. Hassan Moustafa, President of the IHF and Professor Hosny Ahmed, President of the IHF Anti-Doping Unit and Director of the activity.

In total, there will be 10 live webinars that you can join by signing up for the IHF Education Center or just watching them through the IHF Virtual Academy. The invitation to participate is extended to sports medicine experts and enthusiasts from around the world. The seminars will be conducted primarily in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish, French and Arabic. During the seminars, the participants will be able to ask questions of the exhibitors through a chat function.

The program (may undergo modifications) will consist of the following live webinars:

October 20: The role of team doctors in the medical evaluation of players (Dr Michiko Dohi)

October 27: Gender and hormonal verification during female competitions and Variations in menstrual cycle and sports performance (Dr. Zakia Bartagi)

November 3: Mental health of the players (Prof. Margo Mountjoy)

November 10: Performance nutrition: what benefits the athlete? (Professor Louise Burke)

November 17: The effect of ambient temperature on elite athletes (Professor Sebastien Racinais)

November 24: Handball injuries: causes and description of treatments (Prof. Yacine Zerguini)

December 1: Handball Foot and Ankle Injuries (Associate Professor Mahmoud Abouzied)

December 8: Rehabilitation and prevention of knee injuries (Prof. Grethe Myklebust)

Date TBD: Cruciate Ligament Injuries (Professor Markus Walden)

Date to be determined: The latest news and anti-doping information (International Anti-doping Control Agency)

In the attached file you can find information about the conferences and each of the panelists invited to speak. Without a doubt, the topics are of great interest to the entire handball community, so we invite you to register and participate.

IHF Medical Course 2020 Timetable

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