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Thecnical Corner, by Diego Soto: Spain v/s Sweden

by Claudio Bluck


The first day of the Pre-Olympic is resolved with a draw. Spain and Sweden end up even in a match dominated by the Nordics, where the Spanish team only managed to draw twice throughout the game.

Both teams had a 6: 0 defensive system from the start of the match, but the Swedes quickly gained advantages on the scoreboard that made them play at the pace of the game that most interested them. In those first minutes, with advantages ranging from 2-3 goals, Spain held on to the game thanks to the talent of its captain, Carmen Martín, and a team that knows how to compete very well. At the end of the first half, the Spanish National Team managed to equalize the game and it seemed that in the resumption the dynamics would be different.

The second half seemed like a copy of the first, the Swedish players being able to impose their greater defensive corpulence in their 6: 0 with very little depth and making it difficult for Spain to score a goal. This led to, once again, the second wave counterattack began to make differences and led Spain to a very complicated situation, reaching up to 5 goals down.

When everything seemed lost, Spain continued to believe in its possibilities and took advantage of the exclusions of the Swedish women. That moment came accompanied by a more active defense, causing the opposing team to make mistakes. Even so, Spain faced the last three minutes with three goals behind. Several pressing defenses led to quick goals and made Spain regain possession of the ball with 30 seconds to go with a goal down on the scoreboard. The Spanish coach requested time out and in a situation of numerical superiority Spain tied with the horn.

Perhaps the first act lived in Valencia can be demonstrative for LA GARRA. The Swedish team is the one that displays the most physical arguments on the court and perhaps also the one that has more individual capacity on the part of its players to solve offensive situations, but not close the game when it could do it against Spain, it can indicate what its weak point, which coincidentally is the strong point of the albiceleste.

In the match between Argentina and Sweden, the South Americans will have to stop the lethal counterattack in the second wave and assert their greater competitive capacity to overcome the difficult moments of the match.

This tie leaves, even more if possible, the pre-Olympic more open. If Argentina were able to win tomorrow against Sweden, they would be classified for Tokyo 2020. In the event of a draw or defeat, they would still have all the options intact on the last day against Spain.

Diego Soto

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