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The first resignations to Egypt 2021 due to COVID

by Claudio Bluck

The World Cup has not yet started and the previous fears are beginning to come true. Egypt 2021 players casualties are already effective according to what was reported by the IHF. Earlier today and according to the results of the PCR test prior to traveling to Cairo, the representative of the Czech Republic reported the existence of a number of positives that made him withdraw from participating. A similar situation occurred with the representative of the NACHC United States, leaving the Northern Confederation without representatives.

The IHF, foreseeing that this situation would be possible, established a list of reserve teams to be able to react in time and maintain the general draw of 32 participants, even going much further in the event that it was not possible even with reserve teams to complete it, establishing a series of options in advance, such as not appearing for the first and even second matches of the first round.

Under this premise, the IHF determined that as the current European world monarch, a list is established in order of preference and according to the sporting merit of the classification of the continent of the world champion with the countries that occupied positions 15 to 20 inclusive, that is, Macedonia, Switzerland, Holland, Montenegro, Ukraine and Serbia respectively.

Then, when they gave up their participation, the Czech Republic took its place in Macedonia, integrating Group G, where in addition to the host Egypt is Chile, the fourth ranked from South and Central America and Sweden. It is worth mentioning that the Chileans developed their preparatory phase in Skopje where they played some matches precisely with those who today make up their group.

For its part, later today the representative of the Confederation of North America and the Caribbean United States presented the same situation as the Czechs and due to the high number of infected with Covid they had to desist from their presence in Egypt, their replacement being immediately informed , in this case Switzerland, which is paired with Austria, France and Norway in Group E.

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