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by Claudio Bluck

Contrary to all the efforts made by both the Government of Uruguay, the South and Central America Handball Confederation´s, the Uruguayan Handball Federation and the Municipality of Florida, all of them absolutely committed to holding the Last Chance Uruguay 2020 event for the 4th place in the IHF World Cup of Egypt 2021, the health condition that affects us globally hit hard the hard work developed and what included the trip of a television team that would develop a high-quality broadcast, which would even be seen in Egypt itself, a direct rival of the 4th Ranked from South and Central America in the opening match.

Here is the official note signed by the President of the Competition Commission, Martín Chilca and the President of HANDBALL SC AMERICA, Marcel Mancilla, where the affiliates are informed of the suspension and the reasons why this harsh and extreme decision was made. :


In these difficult times for the development of sports activity in general and where handball is not exempt from suffering situations of force majeure generated by the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, which forces us to rethink the scenarios, the Southern Confederation and Central America Handball, COSCABAL reports the following:

  • That from November 4 to 7 in the town of Florida – Uruguay, the repechage tournament for our continent would be held where the 4th place available for South America and Central America would be played for the 2021 IHF World Cup in Egypt.
  • That the countries that would compete for this place would be Chile, Paraguay, Colombia and El Salvador whose National Federations had already developed all the logistical actions to attend the event.
  • That Uruguay, the only country in South and Central America in which a competitive activity takes place, had granted all the necessary facilities, which included coordination, logistical support, government budgets to develop skills, and the unconditional support of its national authorities.
  • That agreements had been made so that the transmission of the event is accessible not only for South and Central America, but also for Europe and Egypt through a streaming signal generated by professional television teams.
  • That the information channels of COSCABAL keep permanently informed to the american´s handball family on the details of the competition through social media and the press.
  • That on October 23, the Colombian Handball Federation reported the presence of 2 positive cases of Covid-19 among its players, so the Colombian health authorities decided to completely isolate the team, prohibit physical activity while the isolation lasts and the prohibition to participate or travel to any competitive activity.
  • That the COSCABAL Medical Commission supported the decision taken by the Colombian authorities for being in accordance with the WHO recommendations and being consistent with the protocols established by this same Commission.
  • That on October 27, the Paraguayan Handball Confederation reports that due to the situation generated by COVID-19, the Paraguayan authorities consider that the sanitary conditions not allow the participation of their national representative in the qualifying tournament to be held in Uruguay, so they cannot leave their country, which makes their participation unfeasible.

-That in these conditions it is not feasible to hold the qualifying tournament since 2 of the representatives who had confirmed their presence due to force majeure do not have the possibility to attend.

Having explained the facts in this way and in coordination with the Sports Authorities of Uruguay, we have decided to CANCEL the Uruguay Last Chance 2020 for fourth place in South and Central America, qualy for the IHF World Cup Egypt 2021.

Therefore, the participating national federations are notified: Organizer:

  • Uruguayan Handball Federation


  • Chilean Handball Federation
  • Salvadoran Handball Federation
  • Colombian Handball Federation
  • Paraguayan Handball Confederation

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