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Last Chance to Egypt 2021 / Definition 4th Place Egypt 2021

by Claudio Bluck

Tirelessly the COSCABAL´s team has been working  in conjunction with the Health, Government, Sports Authorities and the Uruguayan Handball Federation on the protocols that will be applied to the teams that will compete by the fourth place in South and Central America for the World Championship IHF Egypt 2021.

In sports matters, the order of entry was defined, occupying the first classification box Chile for the 4th place obtained in January in Maringá, Brazil. The second box is occupied by Paraguay for 5th place in the same tournament. Colombia occupies the third entry place due to its participation in the playoff to Lima played in Santiago in 2019. El Salvador, for not having previous participations, occupies the 4th entry place.

Thus, with the defined order of classification, the tournament will be played with the Round Robin system all against all by accumulating points. The time corresponds to Montevideo hour.


                                                              4 / 11- 14:00 Chile v / s El Salvador

                                                                        17:00 Paraguay v / s Colombia.

                                                              11/5 – 2:00 PM Paraguay v / s El Salvador

                                                                         17:00 Colombia v / s Chile.

                                                              6/11 BREAK

                                                              7 / 11- 14:00 El Salvador v / s Colombia

                                                                        17:00 Chile v / s Paraguay.

Since Uruguay is the only country on the continent where it is playing now, the effort made by the organization to define the health protocols that will be applied has meant a very detailed work where the members of the Coscabal Medical Commission in conjunction with the Uruguayan Authorities have established a bubble and control system through PCR tests that will begin to be applied 72 hours before the trip. Likewise, Coscabal appointed the member of the Medical Commission Dr. Paulinne Bittencourt as Compliance Officer of the protocols and counterpart of the Uruguayan Health Authorities, who will personally supervise before and during the competition the adherence and compliance with the instructions that have been delivered. Among the restrictions, those who participate in the event will not be allowed recreational activities outside the concentration grounds in order to maintain isolation at all times.

Although in principle the competition would be held with 5 countries, finally only Chile, Paraguay, Colombia and El Salvador confirmed their presence in this event that ensures a fourth place for the continent in the absolute men’s IHF world tournaments, hence the importance for the Sports authorities of the different National Federations have given this tournament and its realization. And in this sense, the dedication that the Uruguayan federative authorities have put in being the nexus and managing everything necessary, facilitating the permits and agreement in the protocols with the uruguayan goverment authorities, who have added their efforts to ensure that the tournament is carried out, considering that its representative is already classified by getting third place in Maringá last January.

On the other hand, the arbitration pairs that will conduct the tournament have also been designated, with this responsibility falling on the Argentine pair made up of Sebastián Lenci and Julián López-Grillo and the Uruguayan pairs made up of Mathías Sosa / Cristián Lemes and Germán Araújo / Nicolás Perdomo .

¡¡¡The countdown to qualify for the 4th representative from South and Central America is already running !!!

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